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Footy Tipping

Online Football Tipping Competition – 2021

Website ESPN AFL Tipping Address: 

Password:  stmarys6535       Competition Name:  St Marys Footy Tipping



The first AFL bounce down is on 18th March 2021. Whilst we are getting a warm-up for the AFL footy season watching the ladies play, it is a good time to start getting some tippers signed up for our 2021 competition! 

The 2021 tipping will run completely online at the cost of $50.  While we did have some tippers hesitant to use the technology in previous years, many have found it is not as daunting as first thought.

There is still an expectation some people will not be confident with the online tipping process.  In an effort not to exclude anyone, the P&F are hoping to find some school community members to ‘adopt a tipper’ as we continue to work with online tipping.  This will entail loading their adoptive tippers tips online on their behalf, which would need to be submitted before 12.00pm on the first day of the round.

The students would benefit greatly if each family could endeavor to sign on as many tippers as possible.  We are encouraging tippers to register early to ensure the competition will be viable.

Being online, we are not restricted by geography.  In the past we have had tippers from Perth, Chile and over east.  Families, please fill in the details of each competitor as per the survey link that has been sent out to all families via text. 

If there any families who are not interested in football and do not wish to be involved in the tipping, they are welcome to make a donation to the P&F in lieu of joining the competition.

St Mary’s School would like to thank you, in anticipation, for your support and wish you all the best with your football tipping in the 2021 season.  The monies raised will assist the school in many ways.  The Rules and Regulations of the competition are listed below.


  1. A weekly prize of $50 will be awarded to the player who selects the most winning teams in each weekly AFL round and has the closest winning margin in the nominated game i.e. the first game played in each round. In case of disputes, see Point 7 in the Rules.
  2. The number of correct winning teams and tally of closet winning margins selected throughout the season, not including the finals, by each player will be accumulated. The player with the highest number of winning teams will win $800.  The player who selects the second highest number of winning teams at the end of the home and away AFL season will win $300.  The player who selects the third highest number of winning teams at the end of the home and away AFL season will win $100.  In the event of multiple first place winners, first and second place will be culminated and divided between the first place winners and second place will be award $100.
  3. The Weekly Prize: The player who has selected the highest number of winning teams will win the weekly prize of $50.  If two or more players have selected the same number of correct winning teams, the player closest to the winning margin will determine the winner.  If any of these players have the same winning margin, the weekly prize of $50 will be divided evenly. 
  4. The cost per registration is $50. Payments are due by 18th March 2021 and can be made by direct payment to BSB: 086 886, ACCOUNT: 508 362 221 (include name as reference), or by cheque/cash to the School Office.
  5. You will need to re-join the competition using the login details at the top of this page, as each member was removed at the end of the last season.


  • Each tipper must submit their tip before the bounce down of each game. Should a tipper not have access to the internet or experience an issue with the website, tips can be forwarded to the administrator at no later than 12pm on the day of the start of the round.  It is recommended in the Settings>My Preferences section of the St Marys Footy Tipping competition ‘YES’ is selected to ‘Allow the administrator to edit/enter my tips’, to ensure you are covered should this instance occur.
  • Tippers who do not enter tips will be allocated the ‘standard’ score. If the tipper does not tip for the entire round they will receive the away teams, but their score will not increase beyond a preset maximum. This maximum for AFL is 5 (which is the same for the whole of the ESPN site).  For example If 6 away teams win, tippers who don’t enter tips receive a score of 5.If 3 away teams win, they receive a score of 3. If a tipper partially enters tips, they receive the away teams for missed tips and regular scores for entered tips.
  • Tippers who are not confident with online submission have the opportunity to be adopted by a St Mary’s School community member. Tips must be provided to your adoptive tipper before 12.00pm of the first day of each round.
  • The weekly winning players will be notified by email or telephone, and will receive a cash/cheque for the amount of their prize. This can be picked up from St Mary’s School Office. 
  • The weekly winner will be advertised in the school’s fortnightly newsletter and on the School Facebook Page.
  • All disputes may be forwarded in writing to St Mary’s School PO Box 138, Northampton WA 6535. The Football Tipping Committee will discuss the issue and make a decision.  The players will be notified of their decision.  The Football Tipping Committee’s decision will be final and no further correspondence will be entered in to. Any disputes MUST be submitted within seven days of results of the disputed round being published.