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St Mary’s maintains a high priority on developing excellent literacy skills in each student. Our Literacy curriculum is linked directly to the Western Australian Curriculum and the SCASA judging standards. Which can both be found at the links below:

The Literacy program in each of the classes at St Mary’s contains daily experiences with Reading, Writing, Viewing and Speaking and Listening.

Literacy Plan
At St Mary’s School, we believe that it is essential that the teaching of literacy and numeracy has a structured, coordinated and whole school approach from K to 6 within learning and assessment, making use of our Scope and Sequences, aligned with the Western Australian Curriculum.
Click here to view the Literacy Plan.

Literacy Expectations
Click here to view the Literacy Expectations.

Literacy Dedicated Time
At St Mary’s School, we use Literacy Dedicated Time (LDT) to underpin the teaching and learning in English.
Click here to view the Literacy Dedicated Time Overview.

Literacy Pro
Click here to view the Literacy Pro Practices and Procedures Manual.