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26 Mary St
Northampton WA 6535
PO Box 138
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St Mary's School



Our Vision

St Mary’s School provides an education that endeavours to equip each child with the Christian values and life skills necessary to meet the challenges of a changing world.

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April 12th, 2018
150 years ago, a Catholic school was born in the Sancta Maria in Ara Coeli Church. The classroom was in the Church and had three desks, a table, a clock, bucket, pannikin, broom, two maps and an alphabet chart. Fast forward to today and the Church-School has evolved into St Mary’s School with fifty desks, many tables, eight clocks, lots of buckets, zero pannikins, lots of brooms, Google maps and a multitude of alphabet charts.
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150th Anniversary Celebration and Reunion

St Mary’s School Northampton cordially invite you to attend our 150th Anniversary Celebration and Reunion
Saturday, 14th April 2018.
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  • Mon, 30 Apr 18
    Pupil Free Day

  • Tue, 01 May 18
    School Commences Term Two

  • Tue, 01 May 18
    Month of Mary